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A clean home inspires a happy mind. Kat's team worked with Dotti to create updated Product Photography in studio and on location in various lifestyle environments to reflect this mission statement. Clean, minimalistic imagery was created for Dotti to drive focus to the products in an engaging way without sacrificing the visibility of the product. 

The content was utilized across all social channels and marketing materials, to support the launch of the new brand and products.

Services included; Product Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Creative Direction

"Kat, we loved working with you on this project. Thanks again for an awesome shoot. Amanda and I are both so impressed, you're very talented!"

Rachel Garbutt
Founder of DOTTI

Content in various formats

Making sure clients are getting the most out of their content is a top priority at Kat Alanna Style. When you receive your final deliverables, rest assured that each piece of content will be provided in various crop ratios. This is all taken care of in-house to ensure the best possible resolution. 

If you require banner images, please indicate this to Kat in the Pre-Production stage.